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Energy Saving Tips

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Energy Saving Tips

At green light electrical we like to provide free advice as much as we can which is why we have prepared the following money saving tips to use around your home. We are fully qualified including part p and 17th edition and we cover areas including Aylesbury, Bucks, Oxon and all across the home counties. If you require any further advice or a free no obligation quote on installation of any of the following tips then please call and email us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Think about your heating

Running your heating for just one hour less every day and keeping the air flow vents on your electric heaters clear of any obstructions will make a huge difference and simply turning your thermostat down one degree

Water usage

Installing an energy efficient shower head and fixing any drips will save you money as leaking water uses more than you think. Take a shower instead of a bath as it will use less water.

Take care when cooking

Use the right sized pan for the food and the hob and keeping lids on will keep heat in. Only use as much electricity or fuel as you have to. Try leaving your oven open after cooking when it is cooling in the colder months to let the heat into your kitchen and turn your thermostat down. Think about maybe buying a halogen oven as they are far more efficient for smaller meals.

Turn off the lights and the TV when not using them.

I regularly go to houses and witness lights on every room without anyone there and this is a killer for using electricity so just simply turn lights off in rooms that are unoccupied. When you’re not using your TV make sure you turn it off at the wall instead of using the standby function as many appliances continue to use a lot of energy even in standby.

Your fridge

Defrosting your fridge and freezer regularly will improve its efficiency. Try to let food cool before putting it in your fridge as it does increase the temperature significantly which in turn will make your fridge work harder and use more electricity. Placing your fridge and freezer as far as possible from your oven will increase efficiency.

Closing the curtains

Closing your curtains at night is not standard for every household but doing so will act as an insulation barrier to keep the heat In your home

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Using energy efficient lighting can save you up to 80% on energy which in turn saves you a substantial amount in cost. Think about how many standard light bulbs you have in your home which are all around 60w each. If you convert to LED you can lower it to 6w a light which in turn will save you a lot of money

Give your hot water cylinder a new insulation jacket

If you have an old hot water tank, putting on a new 75mm jacket on your hot water cylinder could make a difference.

Use radiator panels

Radiator panels are thin flexible sheets of aluminium which help save heat by reflecting it back into the room. They slide in easily and you can cut them to size yourself in minutes. By reducing the amount of heat that’s wasted, they could help you save money on your heating bills.

Make your floor draught proof

Insulate your floor by visiting DIY stores and buying under door draught stoppers which will keep your room insulated and save money

Update your appliances to energy efficient ratings

Next time you need to replace any domestic appliances, make sure you get one that has the highest energy efficiency rating ( usually A+).

Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows have two layers of glass which as you can imagine is better than one. The space in between the two sheets acts as thermal insulation which traps heat and reduces your heat loss which in turn will make you use less energy heating your home.


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