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Cooker Connection

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Cooker Connection

Installing a cooker is a task many homeowner and unqualified  people try and do themselves but it is vital it is carried out by a fully qualified 17th edition and part p registered electrician.

Here at green light electrical we hold all qualifications for any domestic or commercial installation so you can be assured you will be getting industry leading service from a fully qualified and part p registered electrician covering aylesbury, bucks, beds, oxon and all over the home counties. over recent jobs throughout my career i have come across several attempts of cooker installations attempted by unqualified people which is extremely dangerous.

A common issue i come across is installs using undersized cables which will cause over heating and potential fires due to current carrying capacities of different cable which will be unknown to general homeowners. Safety is key with us at green light and you can rely on us to receive a very professional and knowledgeable experience from a simple job as connecting a cooker to rewiring your home. Please give us a call or send us an email soon as we look forward to hearing from you


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